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Strategic Industry
Pertamina-Petrochina Will Increase Oil Production in East Java
Author : Rachmat Adhani/GFI

The Pertamina-Petrochina Joint Operating Body plans to increase production in the Sukowati oil field in Bojonegoro, East Java, from 42,000 barrels a day to 56,000 barrels a day in 2011.

To achieve the target, five more new wells would be added. Total production from Sukowati wells in Field A and B totalling 14 reach 40,000 barrels a day. The production at Mudi field in Rahayu village, Soko sub-district, Tuban, with 25 wells meanwhile is around 2,500 barrels a day.

To increase the production at Sukowati field the well site in Field A would be expanded three hectares more. Facilities would also be set up to support production increase such as a 20-kilometer long undersea pipe line to the location of oil collection center in Palang, Tuban.

On the occasion Bojonegoro deputy district head Setyo Hartono hoped that the expansion project could be done transparently involving local villagers. (dni/kps/ant)


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   Book Review
Author : Hendrajit, Dkk
Japanese Militarism : Japan, Between Love And Resentment

A book entitled Japanese Militarism and Its War Crimes in Asia Pacific Region (Hendrajit, ed) was recently sent to me, by the publisher, The Global Future Institute. No doubt, this book made me re-think and recollect my trip to Japan in 1996. At that time, I was warmly received by Japanese families who became my host, invited to travel to various places, and bought souvenirs. The psycological effect of my short visit is that it is hard to imagine that the Japanese people were cruel ones, perpetrators of the massacre of our ancestors, raping Indonesian girls, making them as prostitutes and enslaving our grandfathers to work on various projects.

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