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Indonesia Will Host ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneurs Forum
Author : Rachmat Adhani/GFI

Indonesia will host the 3rd ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneurs Association (ACYEA) Forum on April 19-23 to help develop entrepreneurship, produce young entrepreneurs and accelerate national economic growth.

ACYEA is a non-profit, independent ASEAN-China young entrepreneurs association. The association functions as a regional platform where ASEAN and Chinese entrepreneurs can exchange information on cooperation beneficial to the development of trade and economic relations between both sides.

ACYEA forum will coincide with the 13th International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT) which will be held on April 20-24. The purpose of bringing ACYEA delegates to INACFRAT is to introduce the national industry and trade icon to ACYEA members.

As the current chair of ASEAN, Indonesian government try to turn ASEAN into a production-based single community, allow ASEAN member states benefit from the ASEAN market and increase ASEAN’s integration into the global economy.

The forum will bring together 15 delegations from ASEAN member countries and China. At the forum, the delegations are expected to sign an ACYEA Charter. (dni/ant/jpt)

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