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US uses Afghanistan as trial-and-error arena of military equipment and war methods
Author : Hendrajit, Geopolitical analyst of the Global Future Institute (GFI)

For 16 years US troops have been present in Afghanistan. But the social conflict between factions is increasing. Afghanistan seems to have been the site of new weapons, new types of bombs, and methods and types of combat operations. This is the US real purpose in preserving the prolonged war situation in Afghanistan.

The war taking place in Afghanistan since 2003 is the longest war in the world. For 16 years US troops have invaded Afghanistan following accusations of President George W Bush that the Taliban were behind bomb attacks at the World Trade Center and Pentagon in September 2001.

After 16 years of US occupation in the mullahs country, the escalation of armed conflict is not only diminishing, but has even heated. Some time ago, after Donald J Trump became president, Defense Secretary James Matis and HR Security advisor McMaster soon described a more aggressive war strategy in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, besides being the world's longest war, the war of Afghanistan is seen as a forgotten war. Though this war has killed thousands of lives both from US troops and the people of Afghanistan. It is much more tragic than the Vietnam war and the Korean war.

Even, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the presidential election campaign as US presidential candidates, did not mention the US actions in Afghanistan. Or at least putting concerns about the impacts and war casualties in Afghanistan claiming hundreds of thousands of lives.

Indeed Trump still had time to condemn US intervention in Afghanistan about the magnitude of casualties suffered by US troops, but in no way deplored the death toll of the people of Afghanistan. Apparently Trump only raised the Afghan issue at a glance just to attack the performance of President Barack Obama's administration rather than sincerely denouncing the US colonization of George W Bush's legacy of government.

Currently US troops deployed in Afghanistan are around 8500 personnel. In reference to the war strategy announced by the Trump Administration in July, it will likely soon be increased amounted to 10000 to 20000.

The question now is that what is the real purpose of the US government so that it intends to increase the war escalation in Afghanistan on a level to increase its troop between 10 to 20 thousand personnel?

Because with the ongoing war in Afghanistan, the presence of US troops did not at all stop the internal conflicts of various Islamic groups such as Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

Some of the geopolitical analyzes reported by some media such as Boston Globe, Afghanistan is only used as a test of weapons, bombs, new methods of warfare, as well as some new battle procedures and tactics.

If these analyses are correct, how tragic is Afghanistan. As a result, Afghanistan is like a theater or laboratory stage to serve the interests of the military industrial complex.

In this way, the US government's real motivation is to extend the escalation of armed conflict in Afghanistan.

So no wonder when US troops are present in Afghanistan, and are like doing the conditions of encouraging war lords to create armed conflicts between militia groups in Afghanistan.

The US troops in Afghanistan have fueled the chaos, violence and oppression of civilians in Afghanistan. The rogues of the militia committed murder, rape and robbery, but they were immune from the law.

In this context, the Taliban's emergence in the midst of the civilian population is, of course, understandable. And that's what happened in 1994. The Taliban came in response to the brutality of the warlords. Facing the militias of US-built warlords since they have been used by the US to fight against the occupation of Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

As a result of the brutality of militias of US-built warlords such as the so-called Northern Alliance, the Taliban is now gaining support and deeply rooted sympathy in several provinces in Afghanistan. Reportedly Taliban managed to control 40 percent of strategic territory in Afghanistan.

This reminds us of the Vietcong troops in South Vietnam, when there was a war between US-backed South Vietnam versus the Soviet Union and China-backed North Vietnam. Due to the cruelty of South Vietnamese troops and left by US troops, a resistance group emerged from within South Vietnam itself and made it easier for North Vietnam to conquer US and Southern Vietnamese troops. Because of this probably, the Taliban have still emerged. Not because it is difficult to be conquered militarily, but the Taliban could gain support and sympathy of the majority of the population of Afghanistan. Yes, Afghanistan is indeed at a dead end.

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