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Uranium, Freeport McMoran and Indonesia
Author : Hendrajit, Geopolitical Analyst and Executive Director of the Global Future Institute (GFI)

Is it true that uranium becomes Freeport McMoran's final interest in Papua by sending Obama as a high level broker?

The visit of former US President Barrack Obama to Indonesia recently invited various speculations.

Obama officially became a keynote speaker at the International Diaspora Congress held by Dino Pati Djalal. Not officially, he apparently became the Freeport's high-level broker to Indonesia, like Bill Clinton as the Chevron broker to Senegal. Is it true that a Chinese mining company Zijin Mining Group Company Limited is ready to take over Freeport from the United States?

If this speculation is true, it makes sense if Obama is sent as a high-level broker to break the Chinese maneuvers through the Obama's Go Home Operation.

The rumors about the possibility of Chinese companies in taking over PT Freeport Indonesia from US Freeport McMoran seem to be even more reasonable after the US giant sold its majority stake in the Tenke Fungurume bronze mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo to Molybdenum China for USD 2.65 billion (about Rp35, 35 trillion).

In addition, Aaron Regent's Barrick Gold that is also the right-hand man of Li Khai Shing and mining company in Tenke Fungurume in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Chinese Molybdenum, has also bought Freeport's share ownership in Chile.

As a result, the outbreak of reports that a Chinese consortium will buy PT Freeport Indonesia's shareholding is becoming more and more trustworthy, and should not be taken lightly. In February 2017, the Pro-Democracy Network was concerned about the possibility of Freeport Indonesia to be taken over by Chinese companies.

In terms of the Pro-democracy Network concern if China succeeds in seizing Freeport's shareholding, China will likely bring its workers to fill the entire Freeport management structure at all levels, from upper to lower-level management.

What is clear is that Freeport is making huge profits from mining in Indonesia, especially Papua. The Chinese economic intelligence officials must know that Indonesian mining is a gold mine for Freeport. How Indonesia has contributed 93.6% of Freeport gold sales over the years. In other words, Indonesia is the largest gold mine for Freeport McMoRan.

Mining in Indonesia has contributed some 29 billion lbs (28%) of the total copper reserves of Freeport's total of 103.5 billion lbs worldwide. However, Indonesia contributed Au 28.2 million ozs or reached 98.9% of the worldwide Freeport gold reserves of Au 28.5 million ozs.

In other words, Indonesian mining is indeed a gold mine for Freeport. Apparently, these facts have already been known by Zijin Mining Group Company Limited. In turn, the Chinese company, which, of course, also with the approval and support of the Chinese Consortium, is indeed seriously taking PT Freeport Indonesia from the hands of Freeport McMoran United States.

However, is it true that Freeport is just mining gold? Based on data collected by the actual research team following a research conducted by the Gladian on the  Jaya Wijaya's Ice Mount contains abundant pure golds.

Apparently, in addition to the mining results in accordance with the contract, they have also digged uranium. America is greatly interested in uranium. It knows exactly that with uranium in the Freeport area, it could be used to make nuclear. Based on the Gladian research, what targeted by Freeport McMoran is precisely its Uranium, and not gold.

Unfortunately, PT Freeport Indonesia does not have access to know the actual mining data, and how much money is earned from the sale. Freeport McMoRan is the one knowing exactly the actual mining data. How much copper content and how much silver and how much uranium and so forth.

Whereas the actual contract is copper, not uranium or others. Uranium is what worried by the US to make Nuclear. Moreover Indonesia has the best quality of uranium. In addition to the fact that the mining at Grasberg also has a gold content.

Why is the Indonesian government not aware of uranium content in the Freeport area? Based on the Gladian research from Air for photos of Jaya Wijaya mountain, then performed aerial photography with 3-dimensional system. The reason is just icebergs.

But the truth is to examine the content in Tembagapura, namely uranium. The photo states ENDLESSLY PURE GOLD THAT. OUTSTANDING GOLDEN GOODS. BECAUSE OF 3 DIMENSIONS AROUND THE MOUNTAIN IS URANIUM. This turned out to be hidden.

The question is why the Indonesian government is not aware of the uranium content in the Freeport area?

Apparently it started when Freeport was divided into two, following the Indonesian government's desire to enter the stock exchange.

Thus, it named PT Freeport Indonesia, and for the results of mining research is Freeport Mc Moran. Unfortunately, in the two-door division, Indonesian Workers are not involved in geological spaces and mining research.

So it is only Freeport McMoRan knowing exactly the percentage of mining products. What percentage of Copper, what percentage of silver and what percentage of uranium and so forth.

This is where we do not have access to information to know. After the research, mining products are sold to 22 countries offered by Freeport.

The 22 ships wait in Portsaid harbor. And then the mining proceeds are channeled through a giant pipe. This is where the problem becomes uncontrollable because Indonesia as the owner does not know the actual results of the mining.

If the construction of the story is indeed factual, then it can be ascertained that uranium is at stake of Freeport McMoran following the visit of Obama as a high level broker to prevent other countries to take over majority shares of PT Freeport Indonesia. So that the extension of the contract can be continued till 2021.

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