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By: HerdiansyahRahman

If nothing gets in the way, the simultaneous election in 2017 will be held in February 15th, 2016 in 7 provinces with the gubernatorial election, such as Aceh, West Papua, Papua, West Sulawesi, Banten, Jakarta and Bangka Belitung, 76 districts with the regent election and 18 cities with mayor election.

So far, there are still many problems in preparation for the elections in 2017 that we intend to be the integrity and democratic elections. Some problems are invalidity DPS until the DPT that happening in some areas, violations of election campaigns both administrative and criminal, election disputes that still ongoing, even on some elections that followed only by a single candidate pair, such as in Buton, Southeast Sulawesi; partiality civilian state apparatus or PNS that occurred in some areas such as in Bangka (Bangka Belitung), Kendari (Southeast Sulawesi), Buol (Central Sulawesi), Cilacap and Banjarnegara (Central Java), Gorontalo, Banten, Siantar (North Sumatera), Mamuju (West Sulawesi) and so on; including in Nagan Raya (Aceh) where allegedly occurred more massive, to the problems of security threats such as threats and intimidation such as happened inPidie (Aceh), Kambu, Kendari (Southeast Sulawesi) and so on.

Invalidity DPS until the DPT that happening in some areas also caused by some factors, such as the completion of recording of eelectronic identification card, especially among first-time voters; the amount of double voting; inaccuracies of data of population in Department of Population and Civil Registration, and a number of other factors such as the reluctance of the public to report to the committee of the elections even if their names are not in the DPT. Therefore, the authors agreed with the people on social media who suggest that the Director General of Department of Population and Civil Registration in Ministry of Internal Affairs prioritize the recording process of electronic identification card in the areas that will hold elections in 2017.

However, the impact of the double DPT ispotentially misused to win one candidate, so prone to post-implementation resulting in disputes over local elections. Therefore, the Supervisory Board of Elections and the General Commission of Election need to create a regulation to improve the DPT and increasing supervision of the determination DPT.

Election and Violence

The Supervisory Board of Elections which constituting Election Insecurity Index (IKP) found three provinces into the vulnerable areas. Potential violations occurred in Aceh, Banten, and West Papua. High insecurity in three provinces that appeared on the consideration of three elements arranged bythe Supervisory Board of Elections at IKP. Three elements are the election organizers, participants and turnout contestation.

Based on the Perludem’sstudy, there are seven stages that are often known to make the violence, which are the stages of the formation of electoral districts, registration of candidates, campaign period, a period of quiet-time polling, voting, determination of results, until the determination of the pairs of candidates elected after the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK). While there are two phases that most often create friction between supporters, which is the stage of the campaign. During the campaign, conflict is often broken because it is triggered by factors offense between candidate supporters.

Every elections implementation, it always accompanied by violence. For example, the election of the Governor of Aceh in 2012, according to records of Aceh NGO Forum and The Institute, there were 77 cases of violence have occurred. According to the findings, the areas of the most prone to violence areLhokseumawe with 16 cases, North Aceh as many as 14 cases, Pidie with 12 cases, and East Aceh with 11 cases. Meanwhile, forms of violence, including intimidation, psychological threats were was 21 cases, the threat by words was 14 cases, violent acts by hurting others was 12 cases and destruction of facilities and campaign tools was 35 cases.

Therefore, the writer also predicts that in 2017 governor election in Aceh will also be loaded with violence, let alone of the candidates who advanced there are also several high-ranking ex-GAM or KPA, is considered by some observers as reflecting "internal conflict" Aceh Party itself.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Paul Waterpauw mention there are three districts in the interior of Papua are quite prone to the circumstances in the administration of the elections simultaneously on February 15th, 2017."There are three districts are quite vulnerable, namely Tolikara, Puncak Jaya, and Lanny Jaya," said Paul Waterpauw in Timika, Monday (7/11).  According to him, the three districts was considered vulnerable due to geographical and topographical conditions of the area difficult and coupled with extreme weather conditions. Not to mention that in some areas it is still entrenched armed groups that often interfere with local security and order situation. Paul welcomed the decision of the local General Commission of Election, which eventually passed to John Tabo-Barnabas Weya contest the elections Tolikara and partner Stephen Kaisma-Mustafa Salam (incumbent) contest the elections Mappi.It was considered very important to ensure the implementation of direct democracy party in two districts because it can be followed by best candidates as well as to minimize potential vulnerability. Organizing simultaneous elections in Papua province on February 15th, 2017 will be followed by the 11 districts or cities, the city of Jayapura, Jayapura district, Puncak Jaya, Nduga, Tolikara, Lanny Jaya, Intan Jaya, Sarmi, Mappi, Dogiyai and Yapen Islands. (http://thetanjungpuratimes.com/2016/11/08/63462/)

People on various social media has also been suggested that the addition of the military and police force in Aceh and Papua, especially in vulnerable areas in the elections of 2017 to ensure the elections Aceh and Papua run safely and smoothly. The authors hope the central government responded to the voices of people.

To be away from the 2017 election violence and conflict, the community or the actual voters are expecting maturity attitudes, emotions, behavior and motivation in order to move the political elite and mass invite towards achieving the goal of constructive rather than destructive. Moreover, all the stakeholders such as the Supervisory Board of Elections and the General Commission of Election 2017, including the security forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and successful team of candidates of 2017 elections should improve coordination, communication and synergy with each other so that the pre-election 2017 that impress still chaotic can be resolved.

The writer is the observer of the dynamics of the area. Live in East Jakarta.

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