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By: Syarifa Amalia
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama a.k.a Ahok started serving as Governor of Jakarta on November 14th, 2014 due to replace Joko Widodo who has been President of the Republic of Indonesia. in his tenure as Governor of Jakarta, Ahok often issued by controversial statement, such as the case of Al Maidah verse 51. The statement was regarded as desecration of the verse that reads “For the one who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians as your leader”. The statement drew criticism for various parties and led to the implementation of Bela Islam Action (known as ABI).

That statement of Governor of Jakarta rated as a blasphemy which happened when Ahok speech in front of Kepulauan Seribu citizens in the end of September, 2016. In that time, Ahok explained about Jakarta Provincial Government cooperation program with the College of Fisheries (known as STP) Jakarta in the fishery affairs, including providing assistance of 4.000 seeds of grouper. In his speech, he explained that residents do not need to fear about the continuation of the assistance program, when he was elected or not in the election of 2017. He ensures that the program will continue whatever the outcome of the elections. He said that the people do not need to think if he will not win in the next election. In the speech that he delivered, he said something about the use of Al Maidah verse 51.
Then since October 5th, 2016, there were the video with tittle “Ahok: You Got Lied by Al Maidah verse 51” which became viral in social media, both Facebook and Twitter. In that video, Ahok stated that “all ladies and gentlemen can’t choose me because you were lied by Al Maidah verse 51 and so on. That is your right. If you don’t want to choose me because of your fear of hell, it’s okay. So, you don’t need to feel sorry if you don’t choose me”.
After that case, Ahok stated his sincere apology about his statement. In the other hand, Mohamad Guntur Romli, one of the Supporter of Ahok, said that those statements had been manipulated and he thought about the word “lied” in Ahok’s statement was not the verse of the Quran, but the people who politicizing the Quran.
After Ahok’s statement has published to public, there are so many report to the Criminal Investigation of Police in order to arrest and prosecute Ahok in term of law. Central Majelis Ulama Indonesia (known as MUI) and South Sumatera MUI have reported Ahok for blasphemy case. General Secretary of DPP FPI, Habib Novel Chaidir Hasan, has also been reported Ahok on charges of insulting religion to the Criminal Investigation of Police. The controversy of Almaidah verse 51 also raised after a group called Loving Stated Advocate reported Ahok to Jakarta Election Supervisory Board on September 27th, 2016, which stated that the incumbent governor considered by cannot interpret Al Maidah verse 51, because he is a Christian. 
That case was provoking the acts of Muslim in November 4th, 2016 which ended in dispute with the damage to 3 police cars, 18 cars damaged, 160 demonstrators we treated for tear gas, and more than 80 police injured included 8 policemen we seriously wounded. The anarchist action were unfortunate, the action should be run safety and shouldn’t be end in dispute because thet cannot withstand their emotion and ego. 
As a true Muslim in facing all the trials, we must be guided by the prophet role models, the Prophet Muhammad. He was someone who is very forgiving though many people who have insulted both verbally and physically painful as the war flag and spat. He had open heart to accept any insult, even reciprocate it with kindness. History explained that every time he went back from mosque, he spat with insults and insults by an infidel repeatedly. 
One day, He did not see the infidels again and asked his companions. Because he heard that the infidels are exposed to ill, so He decided to visit the person. That infidel was shocked by the presence of the Prophet Muhammad who approached and asked him about the circumstances. The infidel was touched by the kindness of Prophet Muhammad who would visit people who have been spat on returning from mosque. With a calm heart, he said that if there is someone who do evil to us, then it is not permissible for us to reward him with a crime. Even he had to forgive what was done by the infidel. It instantly made the infidel feel guilty and realize that Islam is a religion of peace. Before he died, he also intends to convert to Islam, and that was when he came to Islam.
In addition to that, there is still a journey of preaching of the Prophet Muhammad. At that time, the Prophet Muhammad was rejected by leaders of Tsaqiif and hit by stone until His legs covered with blood. When the Gabriel came to the Prophet Muhammad, he offered to destroy those people. However, the Prophet Muhammad refused, instead He prayed to God for their forgiveness. From the story, we can concluded that other people can do bad to us, but do not let us get back to the crime anyway. Even the Prophet taught us to forgive him and pray for him to be forgiven by God.
As a Muslim, the Prophet Muhammad had become our Apostle who serves as a role model. Everything that He had done and every word that He had said is surely done and said in the name of God. Therefore, do the things of the Prophet as good deeds. Based on the story of Prophet Muhammad is whether we will follow the Prophet nature or prefer the personal ego. Related to the blasphemy case which done by Ahok reminds us of the story of Prophet Muhammad in facing all trials and tribulations. So as a true Muslim, we should practice the Prophet Muhammad do to not respond to evil with evil, but with good. Then let us as a Muslim to forgive Ahok statement that might hurt every Muslim. Although we might forgive, but the legal process remain to be implemented in order to see the truth of this problem. And on November 16th, 2016, Ahok formally named as a suspect. So that we as Muslim have to be wise in facing the result of the trial and realize that Islam is a region of peace, so there will be no further actions that could potentially lead to conflict.


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