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ISISí Deviate Understanding
Author : Aditya Bagas *)

The development of Islamic organizations in the world today continues to grow rapidly, it could be seen from the birth of many new organizations, one of which is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS is an organization aiming at establishing an Islamic state. This movement was initially born in the Middle East, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The purpose of the movement today is to conquer and unite Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel into a unitary state under the banner of the caliphate, an empire implementing Islamic law comprehensively to govern the country. It is very possible that the conquest will expand throughout the world.

In the recruitment, the fundamentalist Islamic movement picks people who have similar understanding from all over the world, including Indonesia. There was once a video spreading on social media, in which an Indonesian citizen called Abu Muhammad al Indonesi urged Indonesian Muslims to join the fight for the establishment of an Islamic state.

This movement, which is famous for the use of black attributes, not only has members from Indonesia, but also from Australia. The suicide bombing happened in a market in Iraq some time ago was conducted by an 18-year-old teenage boy from Melbourne, Australia.

ISIS shows off its strengths so that its existence is recognized by the public. According to the UN reports, since February 2014 the movement of ISIS has created 5.500 death tolls in Iraq alone. In Syria, on 18 July 2014, military forces of ISIS conducted a massacre at an oil and gas field in the Homs province. At least 270 soldiers were killed, civilian security guards were murdered, and employees were massacred in order to seize the oil fields.  ISIS is now controlling 35% of Syria, including oil fields that are used to finance the organization. There were many other atrocities committed by the black soldiers, including forcing Christians to convert and forcing women to be circumcised if they want to stay in its territory. Those are some atrocities that have been carried out by ISIS so far.

In Islam, there is no suggestion to harm other people, kill, and even commit suicide. Related to the time and place of the terror incident, the terrorists take advantage of great events to commit act of terror. They wish to attract media to cover so that the fear can quickly spread.  In fact, the terror only defames Islam and creates hatred in society towards Islam in general. Other than using misleading verses of Quran, terrorist groups also take advantage of the economic sector in recruiting members. In this case, the target is the developing countries, one of which is Indonesia.

According to Muhammad Ad-Dawoody (2016), jihad is divided into two categories, difa'i jihad (defensive) and thalabi jihad (offensive). The defensive jihad means that the jihad can be done by preserving the good traditions and work well for the benefit of the family, community and country. Meanwhile, thalabi jihad is the jihad that is offensive, by putting the other parties as opponents or oppositions that must be attacked. It is not allowed in Islam.

Jihad in Islam basically means defending own selves and not to attack nor confirm own existence. ISIS and its networks in Indonesia that often apply thalabi jihad (offensive) clearly show that they really do not understand the teachings of Islam well. Therefore, it is clear that ISIS only undermines or discredits Islam.

In developing countries such as Indonesia, many issues, especially in the economic field have made the people careless about how to solve problems they face. This is a loophole for terrorist groups to recruit members from Indonesia with the lure of either money or other material. The examples of exploiting economic weaknesses can be seen in the recruitment carried out by ISIS in Indonesia. It offers a salary of Rp 20 million to Rp 150 million per month for anyone who wants to join them, not to mention the facilities for families and others. This is a high cost strategy. The question is: from where do they get the funds for recruiting or bombing? And why is the source of these funds willing to pay that much just to perform actions that only cause damage and fear in the community?

Whatever the pretext of terrorist groups or terror masterminds behind all the events that happen anywhere, we should be wary of their agenda setting in each of their actions. Do not be easily influenced by the invitations which may initially benefit us but in the end can be devastating for us. In addition, the lack of religious understandings can backfire us if we mistakenly accept and implement the obtained information. Therefore, it is necessary to deepen our insights particularly in the field of religion to be not easily influenced and provoked by the spread of the terrorist ideology.

As a human being, we basically should be able to keep ourselves from dangers, for example, cruel actions, torture, destruction, terror and bombings being conducted by ISIS, making the group being called a terrorist group. Any religion ultimately prohibits violence because it could endanger mankind. Many people from various circles were killed by ISIS. This shows that if ISIS claimed as Muslims, it is a 'nonsense' because the actions they do is contrary to Islamic Law. Therefore, anyone who wants to join ISIS can be referred as the fool who does not understand religion.

*) The author is a terrorism observer.



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